Thursday, December 23, 2010

holiday: vampire weekend


For some unknown reason, I love this ad. I saw it in literally every cab in New York. I just think it's kinda fun..It's like an incredibly happy & bright version of  The Royal Tenenbaums. The kids with curly hair are like Chas's kids. The girls in sunglasses remind me of Margot.  The elderly fellow is like Royal. I dunno. It's bizarre and random but kinda perfect. It's homey and family-y.

I suppose these things correlate with home and family:

I want her gold skirt...

caption reads "sometimes, home is just a feeling." love this louis vuitton luggage



  1. Speaking of vampires, how many of the movies do you have? Want to watch them with me sometime soon? I need to re-watch the first two, and I've never even SEEN Eclipse.

  2. is the guy at the end like eli? haha. i love that.

  3. I love that song! Those ads are rad too. Your blog is all kinds of goodness miss :-)